What is Dual Immersion?

Immersion emphasizes bi-literacy, bilingualism, and bi-culturalism from as early as Kindergarten. The main differences between your neighborhood school and a dual immersion school (or traditional school with an option to choose a dual immersion program) is that dual immersion involves...
  • some form of dual language instruction, where the target language (ex: Spanish) is used for at least 50% of the instructional day throughout elementary school.
  • periods of instruction during which only one language is used.
The dual immersion model is based on research studies, theory, and best practices in:
  • Curriculum & Instruction
    • Standards-based curriculum
    • Effective teaching strategies
    • Multi-cultural education
  • Effective bilingual & foreign language instruction
    • Integrating content and language
    • Assessment & program evaluation
  • Effective schools
  • Staff qualifications & professional development
  • Parent involvement
Most teachers teaching Dual Immersion tend to have a completed MAT Program at a university or college to obtain their teaching degree.